Boston Corner Community Organization (BOCO) is a volunteer community group established to amplify the collective voices of the hamlet and foster a sense of community. We value our unique character and history and care deeply about our land and neighbors. While we originally came together to provide input to the Town’s comprehensive plan regarding our residential designation, we strengthened our personal ties and discovered that there is power in listening to one another and in our democratic process. Despite our small size, we represent a (diverse) population. Rather than disband following our original goal, we want to use our community network to work to collectively identify needs, problems and their respective solutions. Beyond problem solving we hope our group will enrich the lives of residents and improve quality of life in Boston Corner.

BOCO started as the the Boston Corner Hamlet Planning Group (BC-HPG) and was formed to research,  inform, survey,  and report back to the Zoning Revisions committee  the residents’ and property owners’ views on two zoning changes proposed in the 2019 Ancram Comprehensive Plan. The group’s work is inclusive and transparent with all welcome to attend meetings and provide input to the process, ask questions and take part in the survey on zoning change and boundary decisions.  The survey will be sent out  late February or early March.

The two changes that were under consideration are:

1. Change Boston Corner Hamlet boundaries.

In those lots added to the hamlet, the uses allowed, the building lot size, density, setbacks,  etc. will change.  Currently the hamlet lot size for a new building is 2 acres average and for agricultural district lots the building lot size is at least 3.5 acres average.

2. Change from residential zoning to mixed use/business.

Home-based businesses are currently allowed in our hamlet, however not a café. We can have a part of the hamlet as a Business/Residential district and another part of the hamlet zoned as only a Residential district. The      Business/Residential zoning would change the allowed uses and we may be able to specify which uses would be allowed, what density we would like, and also recommend other standards such as setbacks.  If we would like a Business/Residential district just in part of the hamlet, we would need to consider where to have a Business/Residential district and also what kind of business to allow.  (Check our website for a comparison of residential and business uses.)

To make it easier to find the information you need, we have set up this website where you can check out the current zoning law, FAQ’s and other resources relating the Boston Corner Hamlet.

 In late February we will post a survey on the site.  In order to help the Planning Group report back to the Zoning Revisions Committee we ask that you complete the survey by March 14. 

Please use the menu on this site to review the Planning Groups documents and resources. If you would like to get involved or have questions please contact: bostoncornerhamlet@gmail.com